-> ESP DESCRIPTION:. UGIS (UrbanGraffitiInteractiveSimulation) is a digital graffiti system that captures some specific physical source [laser, cellular, wiimote] and synthesizes


Video made with a version demo of a functional possible universe of this platform. This is the concrete intersection of the


  Synthesis This is a free open source application developed in Processing . It allows to generate the specifications to be able


esp a projection in real time that responds to the intervention of our body. in it you can see a


generative music system. the development of this app isnt but another weapon to serve our daily war against standard save


This piece is a whirlwind of data, a flow of digital currents that mold the composition.  The audio is generated by

Screens Flaxus beta

Screens from the first Flaxus trials. If you have any new screens you can send them to us and we’ll


Sample01 (Build_Cube) (Create_Mov easy global) (setVar mieasy (object ACTIVE_PLUGIN getObject)) (onAudioModo2 (object (getVar mieasy) call newPositions)) (Create_Gradient 0x444444 0xff8800 0xaa0077


Build_Cube It creates a cube in the center of the scene. (Build_Cube /scale layer texture isTexturedDinamic/) Build_Box It creates a

Flaxus toplap flash based aplication Synthesis

Flaxus is a software developed to perform visual performances in real time under the TOPLAP manifest. Where the graphic piece