This piece is a whirlwind of data, a flow of digital currents that mold the composition.  The audio is generated by what the camera sees, and the video is modified by the generated sound and the microphone.

In this chaotic composition, a beating, a pulse, the order that forms the selection of continuous chaos is discovered in the observance. It’s the life of the data. It is not a digitized video, it is animation in real time based on algorithms. With capture of audio and video as sensors and directors for the intervention and generation of the piece.

The reccion to the different data is not direct. This is produced by the analysis not only of the moment but of the evolution  of the data. Thus the image not only reacts to the volume  of the moment, but also decides the changes of the camera and the type of camera to select according to the evolution of the variation of the audio spectrum.  This allows you to see richer compositions as a video piece instead of an almost random sequence of images.

Can we assume that the universe is ruled by chaos?
Maybe chaos is the sum of infinite orders. Orders that are orders of other chaos with more orders.  The universe is composed of patterns. There is mathematics in what we breathe, numbers in our speech,  and algorithms in our lives.

it is our straight walk and the splendor the curve that we draw
This work is not so.  It’s just a way to decipher the current orders.
A search for generative and compositional systems and algorithms.
Just an essay to turn the aesthetics of today into a systematic craft.
I think there is a time when the technical search reaches the limit and there you have to find the dialogue.

Audiovisual techniques are at that point, there is no  technological surprise,  and this piece is a sign  that creative processes can be synthesized.
This makes the audioritmic pieces in manufactures or crafts that can be produced in series.  The time has come when we must use the explored techniques to say, to dialogue,  or to shout.

We can suppose that the universe is governed by the chaos? Perhaps the chaos is the sum of infinites orders. Orders that are orders of other chaos with more orders.  The universe is made up of patterns. There is mathematic in which we breathed, numbers in ours speak, and algorithms in our lives.
Is ours straight walk and the splendor is the curve that we drew up. This work is not so.  Is only a way to know the current orders. A generative and compositive search of systems and algorithms. Only a test to turn sistematic craft in the estetic of today.

I believe that there is a little while in which the technical search arrives to limits and is necessary to look for dialog. The audio-visual techniques are in that point, there is no longer a technological surprise, and this piece is a sample that is possible to synthesized the creative processes. That turns the audio-rhythmics pieces in manufactures or crafts that may be tomorrow may be produced in serial.  Arrive the moment in which must use the explored tecnics to say,  to engage in a dialogue, to talk  or scream .

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