FLAXUS Toplap flash based by i2off

1- Write the code and press “TAB” to execute it. Or click on the big black square on the top right corner of the screen.


2- The square buttons labeled 123 OUTPUT CLR NET control the type of content in the script window:
1,2,3: Are independent programming areas. Code can be written in each of them independently of the rest, when pressing “TAB” only the code in the visible window is executed.
OUTPUT: Displays data generated by the system, such as the connection’s resolution to the server, messages, or controls through the DEBUG command.
CLR: Clears the content in the OUTPUT window.
NET: Displays the code received by other users through the server.

3- The colored buttons on the upper left corner of the screen make up the tools palette.
4- The circle on the lower right corner of the screen allows the user to control the mic’s receptivity by rolling over it.

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